“Captains Choice” Beginning on

Thursday July 16th- Saturday July 18th
2 of 3 Fishing Days

  1. Lay Day forms must be completed and submitted by email or dropped off at the Tournament Committee desk at the Tournament Tent located at the Beaufort Town Docks BEFORE 7:30 AM on the Lay Day.
  2. Fishing days and times will count as Day #1 and Day #2 eliminating any advantage to fishing on Thursday.
  3. All boats must be registered with the Tournament Committee and entry fee paid prior to their first day of fishing to qualify for awards.
  4. Boats fishing “back to back days” will be considered as using their allowable fishing days and NO Lay Day form will be required. Example: Boats fishing Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday back to back.
  5. Please refer to the Official Tournament Rules for other details.