As the tournament enters its fifteenth year of operation, the mission remains the same. Ultimately, the goal is to positively impact as many children in the local community as we possibly can. We feel that the Boys & Girls Club is the perfect instrument with which to achieve this end, and we want to help them realize as many of their goals as we can. We are aware of no organization worthier towards making a positive impact on our youth, and we are proud to announce that the Boys & Girls Club enjoys a more solid relationship with the tournament than ever before.

In fifteen years, change is bound to happen. The Boys & Girls Club has expanded. What was previously the Boys & Girls Club of Coastal Carolina is now the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastal Plain. With that change comes a larger area of influence and fresh, new faces. Our tournament has some new faces as well. We have a new tournament director, Donna Hardy, and our Board of Directors has restructured. The new energy that these changes have brought to our tournament has allowed us to seek out new sponsors, and other sources of revenue that will eventually enrich the lives of our youth.

There have been other changes as well. Our tournament has seen bad weather, the toughest economic situation in the United States since the Great Depression, and even key sponsors leaving the marketplace. Yet we are still here, and stronger than ever. This tournament, borne of a condemned marina in the Bahamas, has truly weathered the storms through the years. Our goal to raise one million dollars for the Boys & Girls Club is closer than ever. We, with the support of our participants and sponsors, will meet this goal. Then we’ll keep right on going, for there is no upper limit on what we want to do to support this cause.

You will see changes this year. We will adjust the rules of our tournament to remain relevant. We will tweak some of what you see under the tent. We will streamline how we conduct the tournament. We will ask for more, but only because we want to give more back. We will not compare ourselves to other tournaments, because we are not other tournaments. We are the Boys & Girls Club Billfish Classic, and we can’t wait to see you on the Beaufort Town Docks in July.